Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018

By Sandeep Shahdeo
14 October 2018
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The first AGM for DLRCC was held on 13th October 2018 at Leopardstown, Dublin 18. Thank you note was given by president(Krishna), secretary(Medwin) and advisory committee member (Peter).

Key discussion at AGM:

Form a new team for lower division
Formation of executive committee
Formation of advisory committee
Seek sponsorship
Scout for new talented and young players
Club subs
Awards 2018

Executive Committee

President - Krishna Chadimella
Vice President - Sandeep Shahdeo
Secretary - Medwin Hippolitus
Joint Secretary - Shailendra Mishra
Treasurer - Jojo Thomas
Joint Treasurer - Srikanth Boddu
Development Manager - Piyush Sharma

Advisory Committee
Vinu Jacob

Club Subs: To be paid by 31st March 2019

Awards 2018
Player of DLRCC 1 – Arjun Chandrashekhar
Player of DLRCC 2 – Jinto Matthew
Player of DLRCC 3 – Ghanshyam Godara
Player of the year 2018 – Sandeep Shahdeo

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