Sun 21
A match to Remember!

A match to Remember!

By Nikhil Katare
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DLR3 vs Railways04

A lovely day for Cricket on Railway Cricket ground. DLR3 was going to play against Railway 04 in their second League match of Div 10. The team was fully charged and warmed up like the Sun on 21st day of April having early 20 degrees.

We won the toss and decided to ball first having a great bowling line up. We started with Naveen and Karthick. First over was maiden and the rest of the spell was very strict bowling from Naveen. Then comes Karthick and his first two overs timeline goes like this -

Wk o o Wk 1 Wk Wk Wk o o 1 o

The first Hatrick of the Season for DLR and Karthick makes Railways batting line up fall like a house of cards. He got one another wicket - the stumps were on their edge to break apart as all of them were Bowled. He could manage to clinch the seventh if Ghanshyam grab that catch at Point but because of a high speed spinning ball coming his way, he end up injuring his finger with a nasty blow. But he'll manage to get over it soon being a fighter like everyone else in DLR3. The runs and wickets on the board were racing to take over each other but Karthick was the Demon for Railways and the score was 3 runs for 6 wickets.

Now it was time to wrap it up by Ghanshyam, Swapan, Vijay and Rahul. On first Gahnshyam flicked the off stump from the top and then manage to give a good deflected catch to Ashvin who nicely keep it to his gloves. Rahul finished the last troops with a catch in mid-on and an LBW for just 48 runs in 28 overs.

Before the Lunch arrived, Vinu and Swapn started and hunger was high. Swapn give way to Vignesh on the crease. Vig started trashing the already demoralised Railways with a strike rate of 200 but end up in Skippers hand on mid-wicket. Vinu on the other side keep on hitting hard with a sprint to finish but lost his wicket at 26 and didn't left a chance for following batsman Ghanshaym and Ashvin to open their board. DLR3 rammed Railways in 6th over of their innings.

This match would be remembered for a long time in DLR Crown and Railways ordeal. Celebrations are still on...

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Sun 21, Apr 2019